Glass Magazine – April, 2015

Express Yourself

Façades are becoming increasingly dynamic, and this includes functioning as a medium of expression. Projects around the world are integrating LED lighting systems with the glass, creating a façade offering an artistic expression or graphic communication.

In March, Traxon Technologies, a company in the solid state lighting and control systems industry, partnered with Galaxy Glass & Stone of Fairfield, N.J., to offer MediaGlas, a line of monolithic and laminated architectural glass products designed specifically for use with its LED lighting and controls.

The new development is available through Galaxy Glass & Stone exclusively and can be used in a variety of backlit LED applications, such as medium-resolution image displays and precisely color-controlled, light-emitting surfaces.

MediaGlas is comprised of light-modifying elements that diffuse, disperse and reflect, while offering both aesthetic and functional purposes. The combination of light and glass creates infinite appearances and forms, and enables communication with text and graphic imagery in architectural applications.

According to Eugene M. Negrin, president and CEO of Galaxy Glass & Stone, media façade technology is continuing to evolve.

“Aside from increased controllability of the LED source, the next step in this evolution is a higher level of integration of the dynamic LED displays with interior and exterior building surfaces,” he says. “For example, this could be the allowance of view, shading, daylighting and media in a single building skin or surface.”