Galaxy Stone & Glass and Traxon Technologies: MediaGlas™

Contract Design Magazine


Architectural decorative glass manufacturer Galaxy Stone & Glass partnered with solid state lighting and control systems company Traxon Technologies to conceive MediaGlas, a customizable line of monolithic, laminated architectural glass products that can be used for a variety of backlit LED applications, from medium-resolution displays to color-controlled light emitting surfaces.

Designed by Matthew Tanteri, principal of architectural lighting design firm Tanteri + Associates, based in New York and Austin, Texas, MediaGlas is specifically engineered for use with Traxon and e:cue LED lighting and controls. MediaGlas utilizes text, graphics, and lighting controls to relay information through multiple colors, intensities, directions, and timing options. MediaGlas allows for the configuration of various light-modifying elements, including diffusers, opacifiers, refractors, silvers, and view controllers. The collection also features preconfigured combinations of elements called compounds that hone in on point source LED arrays. The glass comes in thicknesses that range from ¼ inch to 2 inches, and is available in continuous panels up to 14 feet in one direction.

“MediaGlas enables the transformation of architectural glazed surfaces into optical elements suited specifically for LEDs,” Tanteri says. The unique combination of glazing and lighting allows designers to create feature walls and displays in retail settings and other environments that can visually dazzle, impart information, and convey the essence of a brand.