Category: Case Studies

The “Time/Light Wall” by Matthew Tanteri Showcases Time As Art Featuring MediaGlas™

FAIRFIELD, NJ (April 26, 2016) – The “Time/Light Wall” featuring Galaxy Glass & Stone’s exclusive MediaGlas™, is a dynamic, color changing grid composition with an underlying time telling function. The “Time/Light Wall” records time on a daily basis according to the color of the sky. This luminous media wall met several project specific challenges, including […]

Reconfiguring Memory with Galaxy Glass & Stone ® at NYU’s Neurobiology of Cognition Laboratory

The New York University research laboratory located in the center for Neural Science features a unique meeting space that reflects its culture of innovation and inspiration. Showcased within is a fascinating art project by internationally recognized artist Shuli Sadé entitled Encode/Decode. Made up of three inter-related art pieces, Reconfiguring Memory consists of Encode/Decode, Traces and […]