Joule of the City

As featured in Hospitality Design Magazine

By Stacy Shoemaker Rauen
Photography by Eric Laignel

When Tim Headington, CEO of Headington Oil, opened the Joule Hotel in 2008, he was a pioneer in the revitalization of downtown Dallas. Now. after a two-year expansion, he is upping the ante again, adding 29 suites, three penthouses. an 8.000-squarefoot subterranean spa by ES PA, new event space, restaurant CBD Provisions, and an expanded lobby with eight retail outlets by TENOVERSIX. “It’s an interesting project in that it’s a local developer who believes in this part of town, who h as invested a lot of money, and has stuck with it,” explains New York-based Adam D. Tihany, who handled the hotel’s original design and the majority of the transformation, save for the re tail, CBD, and part of the lobby. “He’s really doing significant transformation of downtown Dallas, breathing new life into the a rea.”

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